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Price Comparison Chart
Screen Print

Pricing for screen print can be complicated because of the variables to printing on garments. Factors such as the list below effect the final price.

  • The quantity of shirts
  • The color of the shirt (Dark vs Light)
  • The number of ink colors
  • The number of print locations
  • The type of garment (tee, tank, pocketed, premium V-neck, fleece, pant legs)
Many suppliers have an instantaneous pricing system that favors them in the worst case scenario. Our DIY system has a complex pricing matrix to ensure you are not paying for features you are not getting. For example a polyester blend shirt requires the more expensive poly-ink. Unless the garment you select has polyester in it you shouldn't have to pay for poly-ink.


While Embroidery is a richer look and usually more expensive than screen print, embroidery is easier to price. Once the design is set up, the cost to embroider a garment is pretty straight forward and primarily based on the number of stitches in the design. The more stitches in the design the higher the price.

The number of colors in a design rarely has a baring on the price. The more garments in an order, the lower the price will be. If the design you want stitched on the garments has not been setup there is a setup fee unless all you want is plain text.

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