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Our Frequently Asked Question area is always under development. The more often a question is asked, the more reason we see to post the question here. If after reading through our FAQ you still have not found an answer to you're question, please contact your campus rep. or us directly by email or calling toll free, 1-888-991-0707 or 1-314-991-0707. We are more than happy to assist you.

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Can I get garments other than what I see on your site?

Yes, we literally carry tens of thousands of items, more than could be placed on a single web site. What you see here is a sample of what we have to offer you. Other very popular lines such as American Apparel are regulars purchases for us.

Let your campus rep. know what you are looking for or drop us a note.

How can I tell what garment size to order?

We can email you the size specifications on any garment to help you decide which sizes are best.

We have a garment in mind. How do we find out if you can provide it?

Contact your campus rep. or drop us a note. Your campus rep. will be able to show you thousands of choices We are always willing to assist you.


When do I need to pay for my order?

Payment arrangements must Be made in advance of all production dates. Delayed paymenst can cause orders to be held up.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Will you work from a purchase order?

Yes, it's common place for large purchases to be made off a purchase order. If your organization issues purchase orders we can accept it in lieu of pre-payment. be sure to have your tresurer issue the Purchase Order early enough to make the production schedule.

Will we have to pay tax?

Not if you have a tax-exempt letter from your state. It's very common for school organizations to have a tax-exempt status. We can honor this as long as the tax-exempt letter is sent to us so that we can keep it on file.


We don't know exactly what we want yet. Can you help?

Yes, our art department will gladly assist you. Tell us what you're idea is and we'll develop it into a finished project.

What type art do you need?

Send us whatever you have. Hand drawn sketch, something you drew on your computer, or an idea you created on the internet. We would prefer vector artwork, but we can work from whatever you have.

If I sketch something can you make it look better?

Yes, send us what you have to Art@StrawberryStitch.com and we'll clean it up. Not a problem!

How do I send you my artwork?

The artwork may be attached to the order form or email it to Art@StrawberryStitch.com

Campus Rep.

How do I know if my school has a campus rep?

We keep our campus representative listings up to date so you can quickly reach your campus rep. by their most current contact information. If you don't see your campus listed, then your campus isn't represented by one of our campus reps. and possibly you should consider applying for the job.

Can I still purchase from your company if we don't have a campus rep?

Absolutely. Simply complete this form to get the ball rolling. You can also call us toll free at 1-888-991-0808. We would be more than happy to assist you with your order.

Does it cost more if we use a campus rep?

Not a single cent. However, if you are a department of the college you will gain back a portion of the money spent because the college rep. will most likely spend their commission on campus in one way or another. This creates a direct back flow of money spent by the college right back into the college.

What is the purpose of a campus rep?

There are several purposes the campus sales reps. serve. Here are just a few;

  • Our campus sales reps have the tools to make your order go smoothly. Each campus rep has been trained on various decoration methods, have samples, apparel catalogs and much more to assist in your buying decision.
  • Campus sales reps are able to provide guidance you require to find the perfect garment, the correct decoration method at a competitive price.
  • A campus sales rep puts a face to our company and provides your organization the personal attention you deserve.
  • Our campus sales reps provide you the confidence to make a good buying decision. They have been through the process many times and are able to steer you clear of common traps that can take the joy out of your apparel purchase.
  • Campus sales reps either have a need to work, or a desire to gain work experience. Many of our campus sales reps are working on a business or marketing degree. Their time as a campus sales rep. provides excellent exposure to what lies ahead after graduation. They are learning to make cold calls, respond to sales leads, see a sale through until delivery, and how to provide friendly customer support.
  • Our campus sales reps are paid a commission on top of the business exposure they are receiving. The more you rely on your rep. the more they earn and the more they learn. Rememeber though, you do not pay a penny more when you use one of our campus sales reps.


Can you help me with my screen print order?

Yes, we handle thousands of custom screen printed orders. We can certainly help you with yours.

Can you monogram our items?

Yes we can. If you are placing an order with us and would like them personalized or monogrammed, simply let us or your campu rep. know so we can sure to make your purchase extra special.

If we purchase the garments can you decorate it?

We have access to thousands of items and offer them to you are great prices. Contact your campus rep. and let them know what you are looking for. Your campus rep. will be able to show you thousands of choices or drop us a note. We are always willing to assist you. We only decorate your items except in very rare cases.

Can you create a custom rhinestone design for us?

OMG Yes! We are one of the few custom rhinestone design companies in the US. We can create custom design for your apparel, car and mirrors. The possibilities are endless.


Are you licensed to provide Greek apparel?

Yes, the Tees 4 Tuition program is licensed through Strawberry Stitch Co. for most Greek houses in the USA.

Do you have stock Greek apparel?

Yes we do. Our stock items may be purchased on-line through our shopping cart.

Are you able to create custom Greek apparel?

Yes, the majority of the Greek apparel we provide is customized to make your event and purchase stand out from the rest.

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