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Campus Sales Representative - Southeast Missouri State Univ.
School: Southeast Missouri State Univ.
City: Cape Girardeau, 63701
State: Missouri
Name: Ashley Harris
Cell: 270-349-0225
Email: ashleyharris1025@gmail.com
Facebook: Ashley Harris Starks
Twitter: aharris1025
Ashley Harris

I can not believe that I have only worked for Strawberry Stitch as Tees 4 Tuition Campus Representative for a year! I have learned so much from myself, as well as the groups I work with, and of course from our director, Mr. Moore. Working for this company has really provided me with life and career skills that I otherwise would not have learned at this age and such a critical time in my life.

As a Public Relations student, I believe that these communication and sales skills will give me the advantage when it comes time to interview for internships and jobs. I have had other retail sales jobs, just like many college students, but the problem with those jobs is that the client base is already built; the company is successful, can hire thousands of employees, has a distinguishable brand, and a target audience... that they successfully reach. With retail sales jobs, the work is almost already done, you're just paid to make the transaction happen. Not many other college students are able to say that they have had a sales experience such as this where you must work from scratch to introduce a client to a whole new company and truly sell it to them.

That is why Tees 4 Tuition is a sales experience like no other. I have already recieved many comments from professors and employers about the section on my resume where I note that within this program I took my client base from zero to seven in only a year and on one campus. While this was challeneging at times, I also made a lot of new connections on my campus that I had fun working with and of course, gained a lot of extra money! If you are even considering becoming a campus rep, I suggest that you do it. I can promise you that you will gain something from this experience (that your peers probably aren't), plus it's a lot of fun and very rewarding!

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