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Ts for Tuition
Ts for Tuition

Tees 4 Tuition is a college level sales program created and administered by Strawberry Stitch Co. of St. Louis Missouri, USA. Strawberry Stitch Co. has been in the decorated apparel business since 1992. During this time they have won over 45 national awards for their designs and business practices. The business was founded by Thomas L. Moore, Jr. who is currently the company's president and the driving force behind the Tees 4 Tuition program.

While college campuses are known for their high volume of event tee shirts, Thomas identified a void in the system. More and more purchasing practices are moving on-line leaving buyers unsure as to what they are purchasing and often unhappy with what they receive. Purchasing on-line also means the proceeds from such a purchase is lost to the college's local economy. In the summer of 2011 Thomas Moore of Strawberry Stitch Co. set out to resolve these issues by expanding the scope of its education arm when he created the Tees 4 Tuition program. Thomas, a decorated apparel industry consultant, educator, lecturer and writer saw a path where all parties, including the campus's local economy, would benefit. "Tees 4 Tuition will allow SSC to build a national sales force, while paying and mentoring students interested in sales or owning their own business," said Thomas. Because a large portion of the sale goes to the student, much of that money will be spent on or around the college campus.

Who is a Campus Rep?

Campus reps are comprised of currently enrolled college students who seek employment, have a desire to gain sales experience, or both. Many of our campus reps are working on a business or marketing degree. Their time as a campus rep. provides excellent exposure to what lies ahead after graduation. Campus Reps learn to make cold calls, respond to sales leads, see a sale through until delivery, and how to provide friendly customer support. The majority of the sales are to other students, but certainly not limited to students. Strawberry Stitch Co. pays the Campus Reps a commission on each job, and most of the work can be done from a dorm room. With the abundance of events taking place on college campuses tee shirt sales can practically fall in a Campus Reps lap. The successful Campus Reps build a client base made up of college organizations, Greek houses, and local businesses who return to place order after order.

Our Goal

While the concept is not new, Thomas envisions his approach will largely benefit the students who participate. With the vast resources of Strawberry Stitch Co. behind each student, they learn the in's and out's of the decorated apparel business, selling face to face through campus cold calling, marketing using today's social networking, how to set and achieve goals, and how to write and maintain a winning resume. All this while making money on a flexible work schedule. Thomas says, "The Entrepreneur spirit is alive and well in America and more than ever students coming out of college can use real life experience to better prepare themselves for the competitive market place. Our Tees 4 Tuition program provides our campus representatives an opportunity for this experience and to earn the money they need to get through college."

Read here what previous and current campus represenatatives have to say about their experience.

Attention college administrators

The Tees 4 Tuition program is a sales initiative focused on making money through making sales. The position of Campus Sales Representative does not require past sales experience, as much of the sales opportunities can be like picking low hanging friut. The position requires 60% desire to make money, a 30% willingness to communicate with others, and 10% knowledge. Strawberry Stitch Co. will provide the knowledge.

A large portion of the money spent through this program goes to the student who in turn spends their time and money on campus. This creates a direct flow of money a college organization may spend on a Tees 4 Tuition purchase right back into the college's own revenue stream. Campus organizations also benefit from the personal attention they receive from one of their own students. Applicants are accepted into the program after completion of an application and a finished resume. Sales training on the products and services the campus reps. are selling is provided by Strawberry Stitch Co. Thomas aids the students in establishing and achieving goals through coaching.

Strawberry Stitch Co. is a fast paced company that is highly regarded for its creativity, and demand for excellence. If you are a college student interested in participating in our Tees 4 Tuition program the next step is to apply.

More on Thomas Moore

Thomas is a Master Embroidery Designer, writer, lecturer and educator specializing in embroidery design, screen print, decorated apparel, graphic design, and production management. Thomas is the author of the books "Digitizing 101" and "Digitizing 201." He has written for Printwear magazine, Stitches magazine, EMB magazine, Impressions magazine, and High Volume Embroiderer magazine. Thomas is a faculty member of the Imprinted Sportswear Shows and is currently on Impressions Magazine's advisory board. Combining education with business is nothing new to Thomas.

In 2010 and 2011 Stitches magazine selected Thomas in the 36th most powerful and influential person in the decorated apparel business. This selection was chiefly due to his dedication to educating and developing new apparel decoration designers. Thomas is the Director of the Embroidery Design School, which has its own on line community of over 1000 members. Thomas also writes the Berry Blog and Tom Tricks, both highly followed industry blogs.

If you have any questions about Strawberry Stitch Co. or the Tees 4 Tuition program please feel free to call 314-991-0707 or drop us an email here.

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